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Ipswich Skin Cancer Clinic

The clinic Principal is Dr. Damien Foong, a General Practitioner with additional post graduate qualifications in skin cancer from the University of Queensland.

The Ipswich Skin Cancer Clinic also offers local doctors who specialise in providing cancer diagnosis, treatment and skin checks utilising the latest techniques to scan and track suspicious lesions. 

Ipswich’s Trusted Skin Cancer Clinic

Ipswich-skin-cancer-clinic-brassall2The Ipswich Skin Cancer Clinic is a Skin Cancer practice located in Brassall, Ipswich, west of Brisbane Australia.

We are focused exclusively with skin cancer concerns. We aim to provide a comprehensive service to patients, working in conjunction with your GP.


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The Ipswich Skin Cancer Clinic uses up to date dermatoscopic techniques in skin diagnosis, and have considerable expertise in distinguishing between common moles and malignant conditions.

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The Ipswich Skin Cancer Clinic has a fully equipped operating theatre, and uses the latest surgical techniques to completely remove troublesome skin cancers. 

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Photo Dymanic Therapy


Photodynamic therapy limits damage to healthy cells because the photosensitizers tend to build up in abnormal cells and the light is focused directly on them.
Photodynamic therapy does not cause scarring, which makes it good for people with skin cancers and precancers. 

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The Ipswich Skin Cancer Clinic is a skin cancer practice located in Brassall Shopping Centre (Next to ALDI), 68 Hunter Street, Brassall, QLD 4305
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Speak to Ipswichs clinic for skin checks, cancer diagnosis, and more

The Ipswich Skin Cancer clinic is passionate about providing a comprehensive and considered skin care service that make patients feel seen and heard. Under the care of our highly trained doctors, patients have their skin taken care of, from skin cancer checks, to diagnosis, to treatments and more.

If you would like to learn more about the services available at our clinic, or you would like to book an appointment, feel free to reach out to our friendly team today at (07) 3201 7485 or make your Skin Cancer Check online using HotDoc.

Skin Checks

Ipswich Skin Cancer Clinic has a particular interest and expertise in screening for malignant melanoma, a skin cancer that can ultimately be fatal. Book your check today. 

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Brassall Shopping Centre (Next to ALDI)
68 Hunter Street, Brassall, QLD 4305


Ph: (07) 3201 7485

Fax: (07) 3201 6890

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